Happy Mother’s Day

I have been incredibly blessed to have such amazing women in my life.  My mother has loved and encouraged me to run with Jesus my whole life.  I was also very lucky that I married a man that has a mom who has a heart for the Lord as well, and whom also loves and encourages me.  In fact, these two women are two of my best friends, they love me in spite of me and push me to fulfill the call of God on my life.  Happy Mother’s Day to two of the BEST Momma’s in the whole world.  Joel and I feel honored and blessed to be your children~

When my mom was 7 months pregnant, my parents felt a call to the mission field.  Like any good people of faith they packed their bags, two toddlers, and traveled across the world to work as missionaries.  I was born on the mission field shortly after their arrival.  That sowed something in me that I can not articulate.  Today I kissed my husband and oldest son goodbye as they traveled to Mexico with our church.  Joel has traveled to Mexico for years, but Elijah is going on his first mission trip.  This is the best mother’s day gift ever.  Seeing your child explore what God has for them.  Seeing him have a heart for people, much like I do, and his grandparents do is heart swelling.  It is my hope that much like the indescribable seed that was sowed in me 35 years ago, God would sow into my sweet, beloved Elijah David.  That he would rise up as a mighty man of God, dying to himself and living a life of service!



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