First day of summer 2015~

This may be my favorite day of the  whole year.  The day when we all sleep in and awake to all being home together.  Eating breakfast, special toast, at 1130 together with worship music playing in the background.  Rachel taught me this morning how to make crayon lipstick; summer is looking to be really good so far.  This year in particular may be my favorite first day of summer ever!  It signifies the beginning of our next journey;  our journey to being ALL IN! I woke up early this morning with butterflies in my stomach.  We are on our way!  Yesterday, I sent in the kids enrollment paperwork for their schooling next year.  Their homeschooling; unbelievable how the little details are working out.  We have secured a flat to call our home for the next year as well.  I am daydreaming of the possibilities of setting up a home in a foreign land.  I am sure the harsh reality will hit hard once I am there, but for today, this special day, I am daydreaming of how great it will be.  To say I am excited would be a gross understatement!

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