Simply Me




I like to think of myself as a work in progress. I am a bible believing, fun loving, truth seeking, kind a gal. I love my husband more and more every day! I am blessed beyond comprehension. I love to sing and dance, I love my kids with every ounce of my being, I love to clean house at midnight. I love to eat!!! I love to decorate! Sometimes I like to sew. I love to watch my kids sleep. I love to hear Elijah’s jokes and watch Gaige break dance. I love the songs from Rachel’s heart. I am a “REAL” mom. I enjoy playing games. I like going on dates. I like my collar bone. I can be really random. I am insecure, yet outgoing, social yet a homebody. I love the fall, the summer and a little rain. I love orange, brown, and red. I love my sisters. I am more than an overcomer. I try not to complain, whine, or gossip. I not only love my parents and my mother in law I LIKE them, A LOT! I like taking road trips (as long as I am home in time for bed). I love to hear “I love you”, I love to say it more. I like the woman I am becoming. I love lying in the sun and getting a great tan! I love folk music. I love photography and blogging. I enjoy a good laugh.

I am Simply Koya~