My new Favorite movie

Ok maybe not the top of my favorite list but definitely on my list of favorites.  It is odd, it is slow, and it is quirky.  But I really liked it.  Maybe it made me think of my Psychologist sister hard at work in TN whom I am deeply missing, or it was I could relate to being delusional?  I am not sure but I finished the movie oddly liking it a lot.

SO, Go rent “Lars and the real girl” and let me know what you think.  (Don’t be scared of the title nor the cover it was not at all inappropriate!)

Love the Sinner hate the sin~

Sin is not personal.  It is quite the opposite really.  I think while caught up in it, it seems as though you are the only one it is affecting.  Sadly that is not the truth.  Sin is like a viscous disease that can rob your entire family, your friends, and the saddest of all, your children.  Even confessed, repented sin has lingering affects,  called consequences.  Sin is grievous, and devastating.  The consequences that linger can be equally devastating.

Right of passage

Now I know there are certain things that should not be blogged about, there is a line that one would not like to cross. Tonight I am straddling that line. I think most of my readers are female and will truly laugh at this post. However, on the chance you are a loyal male reader, or worse a male reader I know you might want to skip this post. At least just don’t ever tell me you read it, as I will be truly embarrassed.
Now that I have your total attention I must back up a few weeks so you can truly appreciate my situation. It was sometime in November when I began having thoughts about what I would buy Joel for Christmas. I was trying to think outside the box. I had heard friends over the years talk about getting a bikini wax. I have always been to embarrassed and afraid of the pain to ever even begin to think of it. Well, sometime in November I thought OK I will bite the bullet and get waxed. After all I am probably the only woman my age to have never had this done. Its like a right of passage into womanhood. I was reminded of a program I saw on OPB. Young boys in Africa going through some horrific rituals as a right of passage into manhood. In comparison this should be cake. And to be honest, probably too honest, after 10 years of marriage I was trying to be adventurous. So I made my appointment and suffered through the pain. However, I was too embarrassed to say what I wanted and sadly the waxer was not assertive enough to tell me what I needed. So I wasted the money and suffered in pain for not a significant difference.
Now fast forward to this week. I have a minor health problem that leads me to the doctor. I was treated and sent home with vicodin. Sometime in the next 24 hours I had a great idea. I’m sure it was a drug induced idea but none the less I thought it would be brilliant. I have taken vicodin before and you can ask anyone I get really talkative and then really tired especially if I take two. I made a plan to get me that wax job I truly wanted, the kind that would stop Joel in his tracks. It was brilliant I thought I would take two vicodin to ease my pain from the real health issue, take a hot bath and then I would be drugged enough to wax myself painlessly. I somehow doubt that was the intended use of the drug. Hopefully my doctor is not a blogger and doesn’t get wind of this, heaven forbid my chart would be flagged.
There I was relaxing in the tub, making a plan. I thought back to all the steps the Pro took to wax me. After all on HGTV they always have do it yourself programs that lead you to believe you can be just as good as the professionals. Home improvements, waxing, no biggy SO I thought why not, I can do this, how hard can it be? Especially drugged. Right? WRONG! Here comes the fun part. I start feeling the vicodin kick in so I promptly exit the tub, I do have enough where with all to know being too drugged would not be good, so timing is everything. I think first I’ll put a hydrating face mask on, I figure it will only take me about 15 mins, just enough time to hydrate my face and you know how I love to multi-task. After all I want a pretty face to go with this amazing wax job. Again, brilliant I think. I then proceed to the prep work of the wax, of course following the professional example. I have a thought “go big or go home” so I prepare for a major wax. All appears to be going well until I apply the first bit of wax. I remove the wax to discover that the vicodin is not quite strong enough. Sadly, because of the the over excitement in my prep work and the new partial bald spot I had I was now committed to the cause. I proceed to discover my wax, of course from Great Mart, doesn’t remove hair, it appears to only remove the top few layers of skin. I wonder where the professionals get their wax, again another drug induced thought, as if I was ever going to attempt this again. SO there I stand half naked in my bath room wondering if this was the look I was going for. I proceed thinking the vicodin was really going to kick in and it was going to get easier. So I press on for the next 3hours. At this point I was only attempting to achieve a semi- professional look. Unfortunately, the only look I achieved was one of a plucked chicken with a cracked face. I somehow had forgotten my face mask. Joel enters the bathroom, the look on his face says it all. I head back into bath to ease my newest pain. I had wax from my knees to my belly button and sadly everywhere in between. It was not a pretty site. By now all my vicodin had worn off and I am on the edge. I ask Joel what he thinks, secretly hoping he is not going to notice the patches of remaining hair doused in blood. He giggles and tells me “It looks like it hurts. Only you Koya, only you” He shakes his head and goes to bed. On the verge of tears I decide to call it a night. Maybe tomorrow I can finish, at least my face is well hydrated I think. I hobble off to bed. The tracks I had hoped to stop Joel in where now dividing the bed in two. I whimpered in pain and he dared not cross. This morning I wake to find it wasn’t a nightmare and sadly I still look ridiculous. One would think the fact that I can’t wax my own eyebrows with out looking like a clown would have been my first clue. My advice to you is pay the professionals when it comes to home improvements and waxing. Now that all the pain medication is out of my system I am remembering most of those HGTV do it yourself shows leave me laughing at the results, unfortunately my results are comical as well. The question is do I just cut my losses and look ridiculous for a few weeks or go back to the Professional with my head hanging low is shame that I was so dumb to think I could possibly do her job on my own.
I had another brillaint idea for a Christmas present that I ordered online that has yet to arrive, lets
hope that goes a little better. Ah another post in the works.

Just a thought.

I have been thinking a lot about what all we “Christians” do in the name of Jesus. And I am not talking about miracles. In my short life I have seen the name of Jesus slapped on so many decision. When really we use His name to justify doing what we want. I am a firm believer in what your “hearing” lining up with the word of God. Now I know there is a lot of gray area when it comes to the decision we make. But if I may be so bold to say that if your hearing is not lining up with the word of God you might want to adjust your hearer. God is not the author of confusion. I have been recently grieved by watching people justify what they want all in the name of Jesus. It makes me think of how He must feel. After all it is His Name, the Name Above All Names, that is being misused. I have seen marriages dissolve, churches split, relationships ended, pride, selfishness, false doctrine preached and much more all in the name of Jesus. I know that we are all just trying to figure out the voice and will of the Father, but I was reminded of how in the Old Testament if you said “thus saith the Lord” and he didn’t really saith you would be struck down, DEAD. Have we been given to much grace that now its used and abused to easily. Have we swung to far to grace. Is the problem that we’ve made our perspective our reality and just made Him an accessory, a justifier if you will. Now I know some of you are saying that’s why we stay in prayer and read the bible so so so often. But haven’t we all seen it done time and time again people “rooted” in Truth slapping the name of Jesus on not tithing, leaving church’s and divorcing, etc. After all we are all sinful at our very best and the bible says even your heart is deceitful and desperately wicked(Jeremiah 17:9).
So how does one avoid the misusing of His name? How do you walk in faith and not in justification?

In writing this I am reminded how time and time again the bible tells us that He wants us to have His wisdom and understanding, that He answers those who truly pray, He desires us to be obedient and to follow hard after the will of the Father . He IS speaking to us in ways that we can hear, in ways that would keep us from being deceived. SO my next question is how and why do so many of us misuse His name?

Truly, How do we walk in faith and obedience, and not justification?



Here’s to a hard week~

I have never understood moms who count down the days until schools back in session.  I am dreading the morning as well as the 1st day back to what seems like eternity with out Elijah.  I am thankful I am scheduled in his class tomorrow and that I can have lunch with him.  However, I am saddened that my day will be spent with out my boys.  I know for so many reasons I am a rare breed, but I can honestly say I truly miss them while they are off at school.  Not to mention the fact that my boys like to sleep in,  and 8:30 is too early for anybody.  I have enjoyed the last few weeks of PJ days, movies, late nights, even later mornings and all the other fun adventures we had while on holiday.  I wonder how many days until spring break and summer!!  I can’t wait!

I want to tell you it is ALL about WHO HE IS!




Have you ever had an opportunity present itself and you fail to take it. I can’t tell you how many times I have failed at being obedient to the leading of the Holy Spirit and missed the opportunity to walk in His direction. Well I am so excited to say, Praise God, an opportunity arose today and I not only recognized it but I seized it. I pressed in to what God was saying and the direction He was leading me. Here’s the thing, I could make you a list of how great it was to see the fruit of my obedience but the key is really that God is who He says He is. It’s not about the benefits, sure they are great and we are reminded not to forget them (psalm, I think), but it is about who He is. It is such a great privilege that we serve a God that not only wants us to know Him, He wants us to walk a life led by Him. Where every area of our lives overflow with HIM.


This brings me to yet another opportunity. If you are reading this and want to know more about this amazing relationship I have with God and the amazing relationship He desires to have with you send me an email or post a comment. I would be so honored to introduce you to Him.

Maybe this is your opportunity to seize?

My Little Soap Box

First of all my cookies turned out great!! I have to say I make some of the best oatmeal cookies out there!!!

Before I get on my soap box, let me ask where are all the bloggers? I went through my whole blogroll to find no one has been blogging for days! Come on, I can’t be the only one that thrives on this stuff!! For Pete’s sake give me something to read!


Now on to the real subject of this post! As some of you know I love Fox news. I listen to it in the car and find myself watching it through out the day. I know it’s odd, but I do like watching the news. So of course I am somewhat caught up on the current events. I think it is important to know what is going on in our world! So what am I outraged (again) at.? Well, if you insist on knowing I will tell you.

1st Mr OJ Simpson, He can get away with murder but apparently busting into a room and “taking” hostages can send you to jail for life. WHAT? I guess he is now saying it was a set up. WHAT? I personal think it would be rather fitting for the man to rot in jail for whatever reason they can find!

2nd Hillary Clinton, I am almost not wanting to even mention her name here because I am sickened at the thought of her, maybe even a little scared (I once read a book on her that was pretty scary). But for the sake of good blogging I will let you in on my opinion of her current health care plan. Can you say “IT’S A JOKE”? Basically it is socialized medicine (which is horrible, I don’t know about you but I think the Government has a pretty distinct reputation of screwing things up, and we now want them to be completely in charge of our health, did we forget what they have done to medicare???). She is going to raise our taxes to pay health care for a small group of people who are currently choosing not to get insurance, for those who actually need the help and then of course the illegal immigrants (by the way I also believe her plan on solving that problem is a JOKE and a slap in the face to law abiding citizens. Last time I checked rewarding illegal choices leads to more illegal choices!). I am in no way saying that the current programs or lack of are working but come on you can’t really think that government run health care or Mrs Clinton are a good ideas! Which is worse, Hmm, do you really need to ask?

3rd and final! When did we stop referring to the President of the United States, the man currently leading our country, as Mr President Bush. I can’t tell you how many times I have heard the media refer to him as “Bush” NO! Even if you don’t agree with Him He is still our President and we need to be respectful of the position He holds. I saw a bumper sticker that compared President Bush to Hitler today.

WHAT THE #^$(*^#!

We need to be on our knees in prayer for our nation. That our nation would turn from it’s prideful, arrogant, disrespectful, un-Godly ways.


OK I am done for the moment! I of course have more to say just not wanting to scare any of you!

My love for list’s continues

My day in a nut shell~

Didn’t run.

Didn’t fix my hair.

Didn’t eat dinner, ( I only had about a whole bag of my favorite chips).


I did scrape insane amounts of wallpaper off my sister’s one wall.

I did go to church.

I showered.

I drove home from Silverton.

I yelled at my kids, and

I apologized for responding wrongly to the situation that desperately needed parental intervention.

I explained heaven and hell to Gaige, and how one gets there…………..again!

Now I am off to take a hot bath read my bible and go to bed~



**********Here is a little According to Koya side note**********

Whoever created wallpaper, not to mention floor to ceiling floral wallpaper should be shot! And whoever told the previous owners of my sister house that layering wallpaper, then painting twice over the already two layers of paper and then applying one last floral layer to the top should be kindly told that that is not so smart to do. Here’s a little tip to home buyers if you look at a house with wallpaper you don’t like, RUN RUN RUN very fast in the opposite direction! No amount of “paste eater” will lessen the pain, and no matter how charming the house is wallpaper is a bad word and should be avoided at all cost!

(I am thinking of putting some grass cloth in my new house, hmm.)