I am feeling really thankful today! Thankful for Joel, my kids, my family, my friends, my church, my house, my job, my education process, my blueberries, my (food) choices, and the opportunities I have to grow.  Just really thankful!

I’m so proud~

Joel took an extra job this month with UPS as a runner.  He just drove off with his bag packed for a fun filled day of running packages through the snow!  I am so proud of my hard working man!

Problem solved

My sweet husband came to the rescue.  He made some calls and found my lost work.  This is nothing short of a miracle because as some of you may know Joel is NOT, I repeat is NOT, very computer savy.  I am very blessed to have a husband who will jump into action and come to my rescue.  Thank you Joel!

Whatcha’ been up to?

Well, a lot, and a lot more to come in the next week or so.  Here are two pictures of two projects that took Joel and  I way too long to complete.  Joel hung a piece of art work up after several weeks of it just sitting in our garage and well, my projects was just shy of a year in the making.  Last November I purchased this for our laundry room and well, I just hung it up.  I love the final outcome of both. 

He hung it on the ceiling in the entry into the master.  Clever he is!  (If you look closely you can see me in the mirror laying on the floor taking the picture)

I SO love the color of my laundry room.  Orange, my favorite!

Bitter Sweet

Today we celebrate as a family,

Remembering that who we are is in part because of who you were.

Happy Birthday Papa Ed.  We love you and miss you greatly! I hope you are enjoying chocolate pie with the King of Kings today~

My new car~

I bought a car last week! Yep, I did all the wheeling, dealing and got a smokin’ deal! I am so proud. Like Rachel’s counselor always says, I was gender bending. (It makes me laugh even to type it) She is ALL about gender bending. Anyways, I thought I would give you the reasons behind my new roomy car.

Elijah beat boxing: “boom chicka chicka boom, whoo whoo…..”

Gaige: (very rhythmic and in his mind very much like a rapper would sound) “I am driving with my mom in the car, yeah yeah, I used to be a lunch line rapper yeah yeah” and so on…..

Rachel:( very girly, very high and to her own beat) “When I was free (3) I did…….” anything and everything you can imagine.


Gaige: (Even more like a thug) “NO, I AM NOT, I USED TO BE A LUNCH LINE RAPPER. RACHEL, STOP touching me, I’m TELLING”

Elijah now is hitting Gaige while reaching over Rachel.

Rachel: now singing louder like Aerial. “AHHH AHHH AHHHH. Mommy, Mommy I am Aerial”

All the kids actively hitting one another

At this point Rachel is crying, Gaige is screaming and Elijah is madder than I would like to admit. And I am threatening, “don’t make me pull this car over”. After a few too many months with kids crammed into our car unable to even buckle themselves and too close to have any personal space Joel gave me the go ahead to find a car that would fit our family’s needs. Thankfully, the singing has not stopped ( I really do enjoy their NEVER ending songs) but the hitting and “MOM He’s touching me” has thankfully come to an end.


I could make a list of all the reasons I love Joel, instead I will tell you of one.  He is confident in who he is, no changing, no conforming.  He is even confident in who I am or who I strive to be.  He calls it as it is and doesn’t hesitate to keep me in line.  Tonight as my bad attitude tried to take hold he so graciously brought me back to reality with love.  He is more than I could have ever hoped for, more than I could ever deserve, and He loves me beyond belief.  He is Simply Joel.