day..crap what day am I on?

Time is a funny thing, it can fly by and drag on all at the same time.  I think this is day 16 but with out a calendar close by really I have no clue.  I am still eating according to phase one,  just because I haven’t had the time to figure out what I can eat in phase 2.  Maybe 15 credits wasn’t so smart after all!  The first few weeks of the term are always a balancing act, I am looking forward to the routine to set in.  I have my first AP test Tuesday.  I am trying not to stress.  Well I am off to shower make lunch and drink some  much needed coffee!

Day 10 & 11

Can you say KEFIR??

I am in love with the stuff!!  It seems to keep my sweet cravings at bay and it also seems to be great for the digestive track!  At this point in the 40days all dairy is off limits.  However goats kefir is allowed.  After I picked up the bottle of Goats kefir I made an administrative decision.  Goats anything kinda grosses me out so on day 10 I allowed organic cow’s kefir.  How is kefir different from regular milk?  I have odd reactions ( stuffy head, itchy skin etc) to dairy but no reaction to kefir.  Is it like my beloved coconut oil and my newest cure all?!?

I am planning my meal for day 41!

At this point it includes: cinnamon roles, a big juicy burger, chicken nuggets with BBQ sauce,  chips and salsa, apple pie, a bacon and tomato sandwich on cheap white bread, and of course my DDP!!

Day 6

Is this really all I am blogging about these days…. I am kinda bored with it.  Sadly I am too tired to think of a clever and witty post so, this will have to do!

I am actually craving water not pop.

I am sorry to let you go Diet Dr Pepper.

day four and five~

Getting easier every day.  I started back to school today so I was worried about falling into old habits (i.e. stress eating).   There was really no temptation to engage in the harmful habit.  Sadly, Diet Dr Pepper is still calling my name.  Coffee doesn’t hold a candle to the love of my pop!

The start of a new year~

Today I started a fast of sorts.  I am following the Makers Diet 40 day plan.  I will be fasting sugar, refined flour and my dear friend Diet Dr Pepper.  This is to be healthier and to see if my diet is related to a few health issues I have been having.

So here is to a fresh start!

Day one, not bad!

On to the next party~

Christmas was great this year.  We hosted both sides of the family at our house this year so we had three full days of Christmas and now we are celebrating Rachel’s birthday today. O what a week.  I am tired to say the least.  This year was the first year in several years that the Crutchfield’s all celebrated both Thanksgiving and Christmas all together.  It was great to be together.  The cousins had a great time together and we all enjoyed good food.  I am still thinking about the amazing salad Sarah brought.  I could have only ate that and been completely satisfied.  Friday my side of the family came over.  The food was great and the company was even better.  We all missed my sister and brother in law as they were in Tennessee. I managed to get all the Christmas stuff down and put away late last night.  It feels good to have my house back to normal!

Keeping with tradition I am struggling to make a great birthday cake for Rachel.  She turns 5 on Monday!  I will post a picture of the cake once completed.

These are a few of my favorite things~

I Love Christmas time and all the fun holiday crafts that go with it.  I ventured out this year and came up with of few ideas I love…

p1010698A simple gift for a few friends~

p1010687A simple center piece for a holiday party~

p1010674 Our tree (not the best shot)~

p1010681Not a holiday craft but my favorite by far, sweet Gaigey Pie lining up his frogs (it was a surprise for me)~

I am totally procrastinating!

I should be studying but I have been eating ice cream playing on the computer and totally avoiding all things related to school.  SO let me tell you about yesterday!

I ran yesterday for the first time since August.  My leg did better than I thought and I am surprised to not be in pain today.  I had/have a stress fracture and plantar fasicitis which have left me unable to run and even walk at times due to pain. I was longing to get outside, I have missed the way running made me feel.  I only ran about 2 1/2 miles out of fear I would re-injure myself.  The simple act of making a healthy choice was empowering and just what I needed yesterday!