Person of the week…


Happy Birthday to one the greatest friends ever!!!

Some of my favorite things about Nicole..

  • She is kind,
  • Loving,
  • Encouraging,
  • Honest,
  • She loves me!
  • She is HILARIOUS!
  • Beautiful,
  • Smart,
  • The way she loves my kids!
  • She believes in me,
  • She makes a mean kettle corn!!

Simply she is amazing.

I am truly blessed to have such an amazing friend and thank God for allowing me the honor to call my friend!

Happy Birthday

I remember

The day I knew you were forming in me.

The way I feared failing you.

The day I first felt your kicks.

The day life came from me, I remember.
You were born October 20, my love.

The day I was awakened to new love.

The day you loved me unconditionally.

The moment I felt your touch.

The moment life stood still, I remember

You were born October 20, my love.

The day I changed forever.

The instant our eyes first met.

The moment you first cried.

The look upon Daddy’s face.

The day I first said you name, I remember.

You were born October 20, my love.




Happy Birthday my love, my Elijah!


Today I had the privilege of meeting up with an old friend! Charity was one of my best friends in high school. I so love Charity. Sadly we have only seen each other a handful of times over the last 10yrs. However, today I was reminded of how much I love her and how easy it is to be her friend. Charity is one of those friends that it is so easy to be with and once a friend always a friend. Over the last year I have regained contact with her and her sister, whom I love very much as well, I feel blessed to have a friendship with both of them! I look forward to a long friendship with Charity!!





To the lady with my red shoes~!

I had a rather odd encounter today with a young lady at the store over miss matched shoes.  It left me wondering does niceness, respect, manners etc really exist. Is this a lost art I am striving for?  Is it hopeless to teach my children manners in a world that doesn’t even know they are available to be used.  Joel is curious why I am so surprised at the ladies behaviour.  He works with people all day and is well aware of the rudeness that has become the norm in our society.  I propose we make a difference, raise the bar if you will, lets set a new standard.  I say use good manners, say please and thankyou, be respectful to your fellow man. While we’re at it, gentleman hold open the door for the ladies,  ladies act like ladies, go out of your way to help some one, be kind to one another, and most of all model this to the children of the next generation. 

 And to the lady at the store who now has the pair of almost perfect red shoes in my size I forgive you and look forward to being nice to you again! 


So its Thursday and I haven’t posted the person of the week……………..This is what I was afraid of it would become a duty rather than a joy to tell you about the great people in my life…. SO if I skip a week just bare with me! I will get to it!

As I write this post I am currently sitting by the pool, ( I say this with a bit of a smirk on my face because how great is sitting by the pool).   Elijah, Gaige and Eli are swimming. Eli is my good friend Amy’s son. I met Amy about 3 yrs ago when she moved into the neighborhood. She lives across from my mom and dad’s house and about 10 doors down from me! Its great! So our friendship began because we always saw each other! I worked Fridays and when my father in law was sick and my parents were busy she came to the rescue and she watched my boys. She was the only non family that had ever watched my boys. Life was stressful at the time for so many reasons. Amy stepped in and helped me in so many ways. As I dropped the boys off I remember asking her all sorts of questions, Are there any guns in the house? Is any one else coming over today? etc etc. I am sure she thought I was an raging certified wacko! Over the past few years our friendship has grown and she has become one of my greatest friends! Amy has had plenty of opportunities in life to be damaged however, Amy has and is choosing to be more than an over comer.

Here is a list of words that best describe my friend!





Hungry for more of God


A true friend


Pop Loving!!! Oh yeah she is my pop sister!


I am so fortunate to have Amy as a friend she has been a blessing to me and my family. She truly loves me! Our boys are also great friends if too much time goes by with out seeing one another they get in a bit of a panic!! So for so many reasons Amy is the special person of the week! She and I have had some great times together. She is a friend that you can just show up at her house at any time (before 9pm), you can call her for no reason except to see if she has a cute shirt to wear, she is a friend who will take a picture of your back side for you just so you can see how you really look and she is a friend that you can count on! I love Amy very much and feel honored to be apart of her life!

This one is for you!

About a year or so ago I went to the “farm”  with my sister  where I learned of one of her mother in laws favorite kind of flower, the Holly Hock.  After hearing Sherrie say how great they were I went to the store and bought a pack of seeds.  Little did I know they had something like a 200+days of a germination peroid so for the last year I have thought I was never going to see the friut of my labor (Actually Elijah planted them).  So this spring up pops a plant, it is now over 6ft tall, that’s right 6ft tall!!!  and full of buds.  Joel and a few others told me it was just a big nasty weed.  but in the last few days it has began blooming.    This plant is extra special because it is a constant reminder of Sherrie.  

I think Sherrie shall be the special person of the week!  She is an amazing, strong, loved woman.  Larry, Sherrie’s husband, recently went home to be with the Lord.  I have always loved Larry and Sherrie but all the more now Sherrie has a very special place in my heart.   Sherrie has been a great mother to my sister and Will. And she is an amazing grandmother to their kids. 

Here is a list of words that describe Sherrie

  1. Loved

  2. Strong

  3. Loving

  4. Smart

  5. Beautiful

  6. Wise

  7. A Good Wife!

  8. The best Grandma in the whole world! (per Violet, Herbie & Bigweld and frankly their vote is the only one that really matters!)

  9. Capable

  10. Giving

Sherrie is the “person of the week”  because she is an amazing woman!  She has walked through tradgedy with grace.  Life is unbearable at times and really down right mean.  But know that His peace is everlasting.  And that Larry lives on in Violet, Bigweld and Herbie!  I know when I lost a close loved one I had this fear that they would be forgotten and that life just going on as usual was simply cruel.   If your reading this Sherrie, know that Larry is not forgotten  and your pain is not unseen or overlooked.    I keep thinking of what Elijah said “Papa Ed and Grandpa Larry are together in heaven.  They are probably eating chocolate together.”

Much love.


Person of the week,… Rachael

So I have had lots of ideas on this weeks post.  But for some reason I keep coming back to Rachael.  I met Rachael about a year ago or so.   I think the first time we spoke was about Aug of last year so really not that long ago.  Our first conversation was over chopping apples for snacks at church.  Rachael was quiet and reserved.   In the short time that I have known Rachael I have seen such a transformation in her life.  I am not sure when it happened but she became my friend.  Rachael reminds me a lot of my sisters.  It is easy to be with Rachael and it is easy to be her friend!  Rachael is an awesome young woman.  She desires to be all she can be in Jesus!  She is honest, real and fun to be with.  I see so much in Rachael.  She is very talented in photography and song writing.  Rachael has a calling on her life that is undeniable!  Rachael has been good to me in so many ways. She promotes truth, she desires truth and she walks in truth!  I feel honored to be her friend!   Rachael has had a hard year but she has constantly chosen to stand on the word of God and believe Him for more!  Rachael is more than an over-comer! 

Staying with tradition here is a list of ten words that describe Rachael

  1. God loving

  2. Truth seeking

  3. Beautiful

  4. Smart

  5. Talented

  6. Generous

  7. Kind

  8. Loving

  9. Funny

  10. Real

Rachael is the special person of the week for so many reasons.  I feel honored and privileged to have such a friend!  Just plain and simple Rachael is special.


So I have been racking my mind for who will be the first “Person of the week”!  Really I have a bunch of quality people to choose from.  I am truly blessed to have such great people in my life.  But there has to be a first so without further a do, My sister Kara will be the first “Person of the week”.

I have great childhood memories of my sister Kara.  We are only 19 months apart so a lot if not all my childhood memories include Kara.  I remember Kara as a loving sister.  We fought a lot but loved more.  Over the past ten years or so we have became more than sisters really she is one of my best friends  (really she has always been).  She is incredibly smart, funny, loving, beautiful, encouraging, wise and honest.  She has been married for 7 years to an amazing man.  Jason is also very smart, funny and loving.  He has not only loved Kara but also loved our family inspite of our wackiness! The fact that Kara picked such a great man speaks so much about her. Kara is incredibly great with kids. In fact my boys think she hung the moon,  she loves them and me almost to a fault, or so we have been told.  My sister thinks I can do no wrong  has figured out how to hold the good and the bad and love me inspite of both!  Kara is an amazing woman! Here are a few of my favorite memories of my sister, playing in the old VW bus and running it into the garage,playing church and her always wanting to be the song leader! shaving my eyebrow off, jumping fences,and long road trips “the 10th wonder of the world” trip in particular.  Kara is always there when I need her!  I can’t even begin to imagine my life without my sister.  She encourages me to stop and think, she encourages me to make change, and she still loves me when I don’t. 

Here is a list of ten words that describe Kara,

  1. Smart
  2. Thought provoking
  3. Truth loving
  4. Kind
  5. Generous
  6. Funny
  7. Beautiful
  8. Wise
  9. Determined
  10. Loyal

 Kara Renelle is the very special person of the week,  Really she deserves more than a week. Kara just plain and simply is special year round!             

   I love you sister!  Thanks for being so good to me! 

Comming soon!!

I have a great idea.   I am going to have a blog section for “person of the week”!  This should be great I can write about all the great people in my life!  I am so excited!! 

Is 2 (maybe 3) entrees a day taboo?