14 years old

14 years ago my heart was awakened to a new found love. A love that my heart had never known, a love that would transform who I was, and a love that was just the beginning! As we celebrate Elijah’s 14th birthday today, we celebrate the love he awoken in our hearts and celebrate the truly AMAZING man of God that he is growing into. I still look at my sweet, 14 years later, with wonder in my eyes. How did God bless me with such a boy to call me his momma? He is truly remarkable! I know we think that way about all of our kids, or we should at least, but I tell you there is something special about this boy that can not be denied. There is a destiny in this kid. There is a love for truth, a love to honor, and a love to work hard in this boy that not even a momma could exaggerate. 14 years ago today was one of the best days in my life!

Happy Birthday to my sweet, Lij.

You are loved; you are amazing!


I am feeling really thankful today! Thankful for Joel, my kids, my family, my friends, my church, my house, my job, my education process, my blueberries, my (food) choices, and the opportunities I have to grow.  Just really thankful!

These are a few of my favorite things~

I Love Christmas time and all the fun holiday crafts that go with it.  I ventured out this year and came up with of few ideas I love…

p1010698A simple gift for a few friends~

p1010687A simple center piece for a holiday party~

p1010674 Our tree (not the best shot)~

p1010681Not a holiday craft but my favorite by far, sweet Gaigey Pie lining up his frogs (it was a surprise for me)~


At about 1pm he decided he would like to eat.  He managed to eat half of his breakfast and then proceeded to tell me he could not eat any more or he was going to be sick.  He even gagged.  Not more than 10 seconds later he was asking for popcorn and candy.  Real sick he was not.   He just now finished the stale peanut butter toast.  So he held out pretty good, really I am more proud of sticking to my word.  He realized tonight at the school carnival there was going to be candy so being the smart boy he is he decided to finish the toast~

Bitter Sweet

Today we celebrate as a family,

Remembering that who we are is in part because of who you were.

Happy Birthday Papa Ed.  We love you and miss you greatly! I hope you are enjoying chocolate pie with the King of Kings today~

First Day Of School Eve~

The lunches are packed, the camera is charged and the alarms are set.  Like last year I almost think by avoiding the end of today I will postpone the dawn of tomorrow.  Tomorrow my boys will both start school (Friday is Rachel’s first day).  I feel out of control, I feel sad, I feel overwhelmed.  Elijah grew so much this summer just reaffirming he is no longer my baby.  Gaige could hardly stand up straight with his backpack on, it probably out weighed him, reaffirming he is still my baby.

My new car~

I bought a car last week! Yep, I did all the wheeling, dealing and got a smokin’ deal! I am so proud. Like Rachel’s counselor always says, I was gender bending. (It makes me laugh even to type it) She is ALL about gender bending. Anyways, I thought I would give you the reasons behind my new roomy car.

Elijah beat boxing: “boom chicka chicka boom, whoo whoo…..”

Gaige: (very rhythmic and in his mind very much like a rapper would sound) “I am driving with my mom in the car, yeah yeah, I used to be a lunch line rapper yeah yeah” and so on…..

Rachel:( very girly, very high and to her own beat) “When I was free (3) I did…….” anything and everything you can imagine.


Gaige: (Even more like a thug) “NO, I AM NOT, I USED TO BE A LUNCH LINE RAPPER. RACHEL, STOP touching me, I’m TELLING”

Elijah now is hitting Gaige while reaching over Rachel.

Rachel: now singing louder like Aerial. “AHHH AHHH AHHHH. Mommy, Mommy I am Aerial”

All the kids actively hitting one another

At this point Rachel is crying, Gaige is screaming and Elijah is madder than I would like to admit. And I am threatening, “don’t make me pull this car over”. After a few too many months with kids crammed into our car unable to even buckle themselves and too close to have any personal space Joel gave me the go ahead to find a car that would fit our family’s needs. Thankfully, the singing has not stopped ( I really do enjoy their NEVER ending songs) but the hitting and “MOM He’s touching me” has thankfully come to an end.