14 years old

14 years ago my heart was awakened to a new found love. A love that my heart had never known, a love that would transform who I was, and a love that was just the beginning! As we celebrate Elijah’s 14th birthday today, we celebrate the love he awoken in our hearts and celebrate the truly AMAZING man of God that he is growing into. I still look at my sweet, 14 years later, with wonder in my eyes. How did God bless me with such a boy to call me his momma? He is truly remarkable! I know we think that way about all of our kids, or we should at least, but I tell you there is something special about this boy that can not be denied. There is a destiny in this kid. There is a love for truth, a love to honor, and a love to work hard in this boy that not even a momma could exaggerate. 14 years ago today was one of the best days in my life!

Happy Birthday to my sweet, Lij.

You are loved; you are amazing!


I am feeling really thankful today! Thankful for Joel, my kids, my family, my friends, my church, my house, my job, my education process, my blueberries, my (food) choices, and the opportunities I have to grow.  Just really thankful!

First Day Of School Eve~

The lunches are packed, the camera is charged and the alarms are set.  Like last year I almost think by avoiding the end of today I will postpone the dawn of tomorrow.  Tomorrow my boys will both start school (Friday is Rachel’s first day).  I feel out of control, I feel sad, I feel overwhelmed.  Elijah grew so much this summer just reaffirming he is no longer my baby.  Gaige could hardly stand up straight with his backpack on, it probably out weighed him, reaffirming he is still my baby.

Reason to have a dog..

Today I discovered my number 1 reason to have a dog. Really two reasons, Elijah and Gaige. They are so in love with Bea it is cute. The poor much loved dog has seen it all in her short life. From being tossed from bed to bed, to the constant singing from Gaige. As you all know Gaige has a need to be singing all the time. Bea has gave Gaige yet another topic to sing about. His current repertoire includes “You and me and Jesus makes three”, and “We are the cutest of them all”. Gaige has provided a lot of entertainment with Bea. He has attempted to wear Her sweater, and my personal favorite is when he found that rubbing dog treats all over his hands was a good way to get her to follow Him. Elijah is a little more aware of how to pick her up, not by her neck, and is aware of her constant urge to run away. His feelings are hurt when Bea doesn’t just want to be with him. I have tried to explain dogs don’t like to dance, to be thrown, or be pulled by there paws. Maybe if he was a little more gentle with her she would stay longer. He insist Bea likes to wrestle. Thankfully God not only provided a dog, but in His great wisdom He provided a gracious dog that would grow to love these boys and has been nothing but gentle to them. ( minus the nip on Gaige’s nose, but he did put it in her mouth so what do you expect)

Here’s to a hard week~

I have never understood moms who count down the days until schools back in session.  I am dreading the morning as well as the 1st day back to what seems like eternity with out Elijah.  I am thankful I am scheduled in his class tomorrow and that I can have lunch with him.  However, I am saddened that my day will be spent with out my boys.  I know for so many reasons I am a rare breed, but I can honestly say I truly miss them while they are off at school.  Not to mention the fact that my boys like to sleep in,  and 8:30 is too early for anybody.  I have enjoyed the last few weeks of PJ days, movies, late nights, even later mornings and all the other fun adventures we had while on holiday.  I wonder how many days until spring break and summer!!  I can’t wait!

Time to Recap!

Here is the last few weeks in a nutshell;


Nephew, really sick.

Sister, sick, twice.

Mother, sick.

 Grandma, Heart attack scare sprinkled with social services.

Other sister tells us of her upcoming move & no Christmas together.

Nephews sick again.

My boys, sick.

Joel sick.

Joel’s  Nam’s (grandma) house was flooded

Elijah now with pinkeye!


and a few more I won’t mention…


I WILL, I WILL rejoice and be glad! (no matter what!)

thankful [thangk-fuhl] adjective ~ feeling or expressing gratitude; appreciative. aware and appreciative of a benefit; grateful. feeling or showing gratitude;

“a grateful heart”.