I am feeling really thankful today! Thankful for Joel, my kids, my family, my friends, my church, my house, my job, my education process, my blueberries, my (food) choices, and the opportunities I have to grow.  Just really thankful!

These are a few of my favorite things~

I Love Christmas time and all the fun holiday crafts that go with it.  I ventured out this year and came up with of few ideas I love…

p1010698A simple gift for a few friends~

p1010687A simple center piece for a holiday party~

p1010674 Our tree (not the best shot)~

p1010681Not a holiday craft but my favorite by far, sweet Gaigey Pie lining up his frogs (it was a surprise for me)~


At about 1pm he decided he would like to eat.  He managed to eat half of his breakfast and then proceeded to tell me he could not eat any more or he was going to be sick.  He even gagged.  Not more than 10 seconds later he was asking for popcorn and candy.  Real sick he was not.   He just now finished the stale peanut butter toast.  So he held out pretty good, really I am more proud of sticking to my word.  He realized tonight at the school carnival there was going to be candy so being the smart boy he is he decided to finish the toast~

First Day Of School Eve~

The lunches are packed, the camera is charged and the alarms are set.  Like last year I almost think by avoiding the end of today I will postpone the dawn of tomorrow.  Tomorrow my boys will both start school (Friday is Rachel’s first day).  I feel out of control, I feel sad, I feel overwhelmed.  Elijah grew so much this summer just reaffirming he is no longer my baby.  Gaige could hardly stand up straight with his backpack on, it probably out weighed him, reaffirming he is still my baby.

Gaige, Again!

It oddly feels like two summers ago. When we arrived home from Sunriver then to a minor/major annoyance plumbing problem, it was a paint brush, now it is pennies. Yes, I know you would have never guessed Gaige could do such a thing, not to mention twice! Gaige somehow managed to flush hand fulls of pennies into our urinal in the garage. A cool extra for the boys I thought as we built our house, I had no idea what extras were in store for us. Being that it is close to 11pm, and we only arrived home less than an hour ago, I doubt Joel nor I can solve the temporary plumbing problem. We will have to call the experts in the morning, I wonder if we get a discount for being a repeat customer?

The Brothers plus one

The brothers plus one

This was from a few weeks ago at my sisters house. The kids had a blast running about the yard and playing in the water. Here are “the Brothers” and Gaige as the sprinkler took aim. It was such a fun day for all of us. Here’s to cousins!


A long story short

Bea seemed stressed yesterday.  I later found out Gaige had placed my sweet Bea in Joel’s mini fridge!  And Yes it was on.  No telling how long she was in there.

I guess the question is at what point do I become worried about Gaige??

“Yeah, its a kangaroo”

Gaige has a unique way of stretching the truth. OK OK so he lies. And lately it has been a lot of lies. We have tried numerous things, and searched out how to nip this sin in the bud. Sadly our next remedy is good old fashion washing his mouth out with soap. ( I don’t think this is abnormal or that we should be planning an exorcism anytime soon) On with the story. Last week as Gaige and I were running errands I was told in great detail about how sweet Gaige had seen a kangaroo in our back yard. He was adament it was a kangaroo. I explained to him that Oregon was not a good place for such animals to live. He was set “I SAW a kangaroo”. Now Gaige, remember what Mommy and Daddy told you about lying……and so on. He was set “I SAW a kangaroo”.

Fast forward to this evening. I was on the phone with my sister, when I saw a small animal leaping through the long grass in the field behind us. Before I knew it it was in my back yard. A very cute fox, jumping along on his merry way. I yelled with excitement to the boys come see, come see. I hung up the phone, Elijah was enthralled. By the time Gaige made it down stairs, the fox was back in the long grass so you could only see him about every 3 seconds. Up, down, up , down. “Look Gaigey a fox, you see it?” With total confidence Gaige corrects me “yeah, its a kangaroo!”